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Customer Testimonials

People have strong feelings about their PeaceTags™! Please look through some of the thoughts expressed here by diverse people who are wearing and loving their PeaceTags™.

Since ancient people began stringing shells, jewelry has been used as a form of self expression. What do you want to express about peace? Try saying it with PeaceTags™!

To submit a testimonial of your own, please e-mail testimonials@peacetags.com.

Quote from Amy P. in London, UK

"I love wearing my PeaceTag™! I feel like I’m doing my part to give peace a chance." (Jillair M. - Park City, Utah)

“Happy New Year! I am a veteran and I hope you deliver a bazillion PeaceTags™…..the world would be so much better if everyone carried and displayed their PeaceTag™ instead of a weapon.” (Ernie B. - Seattle, WA)

"It's so interesting. I feel that PeaceTags™ has changed me. It's the last thing I put on when I leave my house in the morning. I say it's interesting because, when I initially bought my PeaceTag I told myself I wasn't going to take it off until my baby brother got back from Iraq. Well, my brother has been back for almost a month, but now I don't want to take it off until all the troops are home. I feel like it's been a part of me and has helped me through the year my brother was gone. Now I think of all our heroes, not just my brother. Every time I walk and hear my PeaceTag™ jingle, I remember that peace starts with each one of us. If we all put the thought of peace out to the universe it could be unimaginable how we could change the world!" (Alisa M. - Bellevue, WA)

"What I love most about them is that they are a wonderful conversation starter with complete strangers. It's so nice to have something so positive to share with people!" (Colleen E. - Bellevue, WA)

"I love wearing my PeaceTag™! I Feel good knowing that I am helping out with the people who serve our country." (Amanda L. - Redmond, WA)

Quote from John C. in Mercer Island, WA

"I feel when people read the sage on my PeaceTag™ that I am spreading goodwill towards man." (Kelly C. - Bellevue, WA)

"I love to wear my PeaceTag™. It is a reminder for me to pray for our troops daily!" (Nancy B. - Cle Elum, WA)

"When I wear my PeaceTag™, I feel like I send out ripples of peace into the world." (Susan A. - Seattle, WA)

I love PeaceTags™ because I can make a positive statement about healing and reconciliation, about the importance of compassionate support for our wounded veterans, and about working with our children to create a culture of peace - by wearing a beautiful piece of art. What could be simpler?" (Andrew Himes - Seattle, WA)

Quote from Mary Ellen W. in Medina, WA

"I love my PeaceTag™ because it is a constant reminder to me of our selfless military who are sacrificing so much for our Peace and Freedom. (Mary M. - Medina, WA)

"Just wearing my PeaceTag™ has friends & strangers asking about it. I believe the message of the PeaceTag™ is very simple - it allows me to share thoughts of Peace without saying a word." (Janice O. - Rancho Santa Fe, CA)

"My PeaceTag™ is a wonderful conversation piece that is meaningful and a positive symbol of what we can do to support our troops." (Chris K. - Edmonds, WA)

"PeaceTags™ is a great concept and a great product that offers a way to contribute to organizations that are inclusive and doing essential work." (Steve T. - Seattle, WA)